School essay writing guide: how to tie ideas together

One of the hardest parts of writing is building a convincing and coherent story out of many separate threads. Transition sentences are difficult to write, and organizing your thoughts can be dull and demotivating. However, if you master the art of tying your thoughts and points together, you will be a far more effective and impressive writer overall. A writer who can deftly manipulate facts, anecdotes, and rhetorical points into an effortless tapestry of words is certain to earn high marks, as well as their instructors’ praise.

How can you tie different ideas together in your essays? Below is a list of suggestions and tips.

  1. Find the common elements that all your ideas share.
  2. One great way to tie your essay together is to find the commonalities between all the distinct ideas in your paper. A great way of doing this is by thinking deeply about every element of each of the ideas you are exploring. There is always a connection between concepts and facts, no matter how separate they may seem.

  3. Brainstorm connections between ideas.
  4. Take a few large sheets of paper and a marker and write down all your main ideas inside of big circles. On the outside of each circle, draw a web of related concepts, facts, anecdotes, stories, and ideas. Think of every aspect of each idea, and get as detailed and specific as you can, while also branching out broadly. Draw lines to indicate connections between ideas and other concepts. Soon you will find that your core ideas have a lot more in common with one another than you realized.

  5. Talk about your ideas with someone new.
  6. Another fantastic way of clarifying your ideas is to discuss them with someone who is unfamiliar. Sit down with a friend or relative who isn’t in your class and try to describe, as casually as you can, the main points of your paper. They may help provide you with insights. The act of speaking about your paper may also cause you to have a few epiphanies.

  7. Cut irrelevant information to make smoother transitions.
  8. Finally, an excellent method of making your paper more smooth and tied-together is cutting information that causes confusion in the reader. Sometimes it can be difficult to transition smoothly from one topic to another simply because you are overcomplicating things. Focus on what your ideas have in common, not on what makes them different. If you keep things simple in this way, you will be able to construct a much more coherent paper.