Writing A Comparative Essay On Macbeth And The Great Gatsby

A comparative essay is an academic paper where the author finds differences and similarities between two or more subjects and analyzes them. Classic pieces of literature like Macbeth and The Great Gatsby are decent subjects for such a comparison. If you want to compose a good compare and contrast paper, you should read the helpful tips given below.

  1. Read the books.
  2. The most important step is to read the full versions of both Macbeth and The Great Gatsby. This way you’ll be able to develop the arguments on your own, and find the necessary quotations to support them without much effort. Otherwise, you may miss some significant details which might ruin your entire work.

  3. Make an outline.
  4. The next thing you should do is outline your comparative essay. There are two ways to outline the body of a compare and contrast paper. The first option is to discuss both characters together for each point of their analysis. Another way is to discuss the first character and their features and then move on to the second character.

  5. Write your draft.
  6. Now that you’ve chosen the structure of your paper, you should start writing it:

    • Introduction.
    • At the beginning, you should grab the attention of your readers and introduce your subjects of comparison. Give brief descriptions of both Macbeth and The Great Gatsby and explain why you decided to analyze them. State your thesis at the end of the introduction to give a direction for your work.

    • Body.
    • This is the most informative section of your comparative essay. Here you should state your points and discover the similarities and differences of the characters. To prove your arguments, use quotations from the books and give thorough explanations of them to your readers as needed. Use various transitions to make your paper more explanatory and less monotonous.

    • Conclusion.
    • In the final section of your paper, you should sum up the differences and similarities of these characters, as well as restate your thesis statement. This is needed to indicate the importance of this topic and your study. Describe how the analysis of Macbeth and The Great Gatsby might educate your readers.

  7. Edit your draft.
  8. The last step is to proofread and edit your comparative essay. First, find and eliminate spelling and grammar mistakes. Then, rewrite weak sentences and eliminate everything that doesn’t relate to your thesis statement. Finally, make sure that you formatted your document to meet all the requirements of your teacher.