The Easiest Way To Write A 5 Paragraph Essay

The more of a workload the student is faced with in school these days, the more reasonable it is to think that there should be a faster and easier way to do things such as writing an essay. This is true when a student is faced with this task and isn’t quite sure where to start.

When a person looks at an essay they look at the structure and how it’s arranged to form the paper. How does a person get to that point? Aside from how it’s taught, where the student is told how it’s supposed to be in a formal way, the student can think in more practical terms to find the easiest way to write a 5 paragraph essay.

Take It Apart

Students look at an essay and think that it’s construction is linear. With so much writing and rewriting that writers do, ideas begin to form by themselves and end up in a different place than where they were at before. So if the student is approaching their essay this way, they can arrange the ideas appropriately to the context of their paper.

The best reasons for this are:

  • Ideas Are Not Linear
  • The Paper Isn’t Turned In Yet
  • Editing Improves Quality

Ideas Are Not Linear

When someone is putting ideas together they’re usually thinking at different levels. Sometimes they’ll come up with an idea in a certain state of awareness and at another time they will come back to that same idea with something to add to it, or thought out in a different way. A student could go through and put them all in different categories but at a certain point when they arrange them for their paper, they will not be in the same area.

The Paper Isn’t Turned In Yet

When the student is writing their paper they’re not always aware that no one is seeing that paper but them. So they’re allowed to make mistakes so far as they’re able to understand what they’re writing to make it readable later.

Editing Improves Quality

The student should also consider from the beginning that they will be doing multiple edits throughout in order for their paper to be more persuasive to the reader or the students they’re reading it in front of.

Assembling The Paper

Taking all of these things into consideration, the student only has to think about the opening and the closing paragraphs and then begin to form their ideas into three separate paragraphs that make comparisons or break down their topic into three parts. This could mean the student will be leaving something out, which is fine if it doesn’t contribute to the argument. This is the easiest way to form a five-paragraph essay.