Is buying custom essays for university illegal?

For many students the thought of buying a custom made essay has crossed their minds more than once. Some students simply do not like or do not understand how to create a essay. With the wide amount of different essay writing companies available a student has plenty of choices. However the is question of,”Is buying custom essays for university illegal” is still on the tongues of many students? This is due to many different copyright and plagiarism rules that can be violated, if someone else’s work is used.

Finding a Answer to the Question

To better answer the question it is important to understand what the different copyright and plagiarizing rules. Copyright infringement by definition is the act of reproducing or selling another person’s work (eg. written, audio or visual), without the owners permission. Plagiarizing by definition occurs when someone imitates the language, or thoughts of another person with the intention of passing them off as their own. It is important to understand that plagiarizing only occurs if a person does not reference the original creator in their work. Both high school as well as college administration boards do not tolerate either plagiarism or copyright infringement. A student that is found in violation of one or both of these acts, may have to face the full brunt of the law.

Looking at Custom Essays

By definition buying custom made essays from a writing site is completely illegal! If a teacher or school administration board finds that a student’s work is plagiarized, they can possibly remove the student from the school. These essays are supposed to come from a student’s own thoughts, work and ideas. These essays are supposed to help the student grow as a writer and understand the process by doing it.

To answer the question, it is completely illegal to buy a custom created essay for university use. However it is not illegal to buy a custom essay for your personal use. In other words a student can buy a custom created essay and use this essay as a guide to help them create a original one. These custom created essays make great templates for students that struggle with writing essays. However if a student is to turn in the custom made essay then they run the risk of being expelled from the institution. In reality millions of students use these websites every year and are not caught. However, many schools are beginning to crack down on these essay sites and closely monitor their activities.