Writing a college paper for your classmate

Writing a college paper for your classmate is illegal and will lead you into some serious trouble. Many students all over the nation help their friends with their homework by doing it for them. Though they are being great friends this can actually do more harm than good. For student’s that are struggling with their work there are a wide variety of options available to you. Things such as tutoring or asking questions after class, can actually help a struggling student. There are several problems with writing a college paper for your classmate and even more reasons why you should not do it.

Problems with writing classmates paper

Depending on the situation a classmate may write a paper for their friend because they are sick or out of town. Even though this is very helpful and the sign of a good friend, this can lead to a very bad habit. Many students that are lazy or not motivated will begin to look for ways out of doing their work. Some may offer certain gifts or monetary benefits to a classmate that will write a paper for them. When a student accepts the gift they are actually accepting a bribe.

A lazy student may develop some bad work habits because of this situation. This will seriously affect how well they perform in school and possibly in life. A student that does not do the work cannot gain the knowledge or skill that they need. Though it may seem like a mean thing to do it is best not to write a paper for a classmate. They must learn the skills for themselves or suffer the consequences of a failing grade. This will help instill within them the necessity of preparing for class.

Writing a college paper for your classmate is legal participating in plagiarism. Plagiarism is taken very seriously in colleges and universities. If a student is caught with plagiarized work they can be expelled or placed on academic probation. The best thing for a student to do is tell another student that they will not have enough time to do their work for them. Do not accept money, gifts or any other form of bribery from them. This will only enable them and lead them down a very bad road. In the end cheaters always get what’s coming to them and it is never good. Its best to do yourself a favor and not be involved with cheaters.