Amazing Tips on How to Write An Essay

Writing a great essay is easy if you already know what to do. For years, students have been assigned essay-writing assignments in High School, College and University. We have included some of the best essay writing tips that are out there. Hopefully, these will help you improve your essay writing skills as well as your grades!

  1. Read essays which have been written by other people for inspiration.
  2. Ask your instructor for examples with grading so you know what they are looking for.
  3. Always work from an outline.
  4. Brainstorm with your classmates to come up with a great thesis.
  5. Write on subjects that interest you so that your paper feels more authentic.
  6. Put a bit of personality into it, nobody wants to grade a boring paper.
  7. Consider your audience.
  8. Rephrase your thesis at least 5 times before settling on the one to use.
  9. Have someone else help you with your thesis.
  10. Use verifiable resources such as academic publications. Don’t use the Internet.
  11. Watch a documentary on the topic that you are writing on for visual inspiration.
  12. Choose an appropriate essay style.
  13. Google your thesis and see what other people have to say on the topic.
  14. Make a list of everything that you can think of related to your topic and then narrow it down to the most relevant points.
  15. Bounce ideas off of people who you trust, see if they have some unique insights.
  16. Give yourself enough time to proofread and edit your paper
  17. Finish your paper a few days early, let it sit, and then come back to it with some fresh ideas.
  18. Don’t be afraid to ask your instructor for help.
  19. Exchange papers with a classmate and proofread for each other.
  20. Follow online writing tutorials.
  21. Read your essay out loud at least twice before handing it in.
  22. Try to include current events or relatable examples in your paper.
  23. Do not introduce new ideas at the end of your paper.
  24. Don’t make obscure references.
  25. Make sure you ALWAYS cite your sources.
  26. Think outside of the box when coming up with your thesis.
  27. Try to anticipate any questions your reader may have and include the answers within your essay.
  28. Don’t be unnecessarily wordy.
  29. Stick to the 5-paragraph essay structure if you can.
  30. Just get it done.