How to critique articles and get it right

Criticizing is an art. In order to do it well, you must have self-confidence, be sure of your thoughts and have a huge amount of experience on the given topic or idea. Not everyone can write a successful critique. It requires talent and you must learn how to do it well. Below I’ll show you how to critique articles and get it right.


A critique is an analysis that offers a critical appraisal of an article.


Read the whole article and take notes on the subject as you read. Firstly, note the article’s name and the name of the author. Split it into smaller paragraphs and note the essential idea in each of them. Write it using your own words because you could find another point of view or find out that the statement is false.


You may begin by writing down something essential for the critique of an article: the article’s title, author’s name, the author’s main point of view or key idea and the reference of the article.


The essential thing here is to understand the author’s point of view. Then note the evidences he brought in order to sustain his ideas. Write the explicit or implicit argument of his opinion. Your summary should be ready.


Humanity has been living for hundreds of thousands of years by asking questions. We invented the car, the phone and the bulb by asking ourselves questions. So, does the author have any credentials? Are they verified? Ask yourself that. What impact have the evidences he brought? Does the author try to manipulate the reader? Does the interpretation of his reasoning lead the reader to the same opinion? Did he make the judgments correctly? What evidence did he bring to sustain the conclusion?

Is the key idea well described? Get into the author’s mind. What were his motivations to write the article? Is there any problem? Does the reader learn something from that piece of text? Does it improve the reader’s life?


I know you are writing a critique, but you may agree or disagree with the author’s point of view. Start your conclusion with your statement of whether you agree or not with the one who wrote the article. Write a general opinion about the article. Be sure to perceive the topic and then succinctly resume the article and the author’s style. Did he use APA thesis format? Did he use it well? Write everything down and finish your critique with a phrase that enforces your statement from the introductive part.

This is how you should critique articles in order to get it right.