Current Environment of the American Health Care Industry

In two thousand and ten, after being stagnated or occasionally dormant, the healthcare debates gain momentum with the introduction of Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, ‘Obama care;”’ the current environment is charged as insurance companies wait to see how the law would impact them and citizens haste to enroll in affordable or subsidized health insurance.

America shares the cutting edge of technology with several other countries; however, while these countries have dealt with their healthcare issues, America has been trailing in the far distance at a snail’s pace. America spends billions of dollars fighting other countries’ war and they are the first to be present whenever disaster strikes; yet, its healthcare is still in shambles. Insurance companies have used the lack of supervised healthcare to generate billions of dollars for themselves. Due to the high cost of insurance and the costly amount for deductibles, the average person cannot afford health insurance. Even people whose employers pay for their insurance cannot afford insurance because of the high price of their co-payment. Until two thousand and ten, Massachusetts was the only state in America that practices universal healthcare; this was the year of a new dawn for healthcare in America.

Insurance companies and some physician did not appreciate the fact that the healthcare sun had finally began to rise for the average America. According to Trisha Torrey, “Obama care” requires that every America should purchase healthcare by January 2014 and those who do not will be fine one percent of their income or ninety-five dollars with a maximum no more than two hundred, eighty-five dollars. With this act insurance companies cannot deny to anyone just because he or she has a pre-existing condition or set limits to the amount of time or money he or she can use. Currently the insurance companies are not pleased since they are no longer able to restrict the amount of money they spend on each client; this means a loss of millions of dollars for insurers. The average working class America will no longer have to wait until his or her illness has digress to the point of hospitalization before seeking medical care because he or she will be able to acquire insurance whether by purchasing it; by having it subsidized, or for free. For the first time in America the rich and the poor are entitled to the same kind of healthcare; and Americans no longer have to seek healthcare in Mexico.

The American healthcare system is finally on par with that of the rest of its technical counterparts; and for the first time the rich, the poor, and the indigent are assured of medical care.