How to Conclude an Essay

If you are writing an essay that's long and complex it can be difficult to write a strong ending. The most important concept to remember is that you'll want to recap on all of your ideas clearly. By the end of the essay your audience should understand the message you'd hoped to communicate initially. A shorter essay still requires a conclusion that restates your arguments. The secret is to write an ending paragraph that you feel your readers understand and remember.

Restating your main ideas and leaving a memorable impression go hand-in-hand. If you write a fantastic essay and the ending wasn't as powerful as the beginning – it turns into a dead end. As you're thinking of how to write the ending say something that will calm the readers' minds and allow them to remember your topic. Avoid being too cliché or bland. Incorporate the following to make your conclusion stronger:

  • Write a spontaneous twist
  • Explain why the topic is of importance
  • Write what needs to be done
  • Include consequences
  • Keep it short and sweet!

Toward the end of the paper it's easy to add in fluff in order to get the job done. Make sure that you write it out just as strongly as you started the paper. Your exit must be clever and make you address all of the important supporting information throughout the body of your writing. Don't introduce any new ideas into the ending paragraph as it might seem irrelevant and catch the reader off guard. Avoid repeating the thesis as well. Your job as the writer is to reflect and avoid repeating information.

Look at the key points within your essay and incorporate a conclusion that supports it in a philosophical manner. Why did you write about the topic that you did? If there is a personal reason behind you choosing your argument you may want to elaborate on it, furthermore. It's also effective to make the audience feel more open minded after having read your piece. If there's a subject that many people see one way, it's powerful to write something that makes them think otherwise. When you are capable of writing a piece that changes the mindset of your audience it will be an essay that they remember; a piece that may change their own perception. Also, remember that at the end of your writing you have an opportunity to make a lasting impression on your audience. Keep the conclusion strong, reflective and personable!