General Advice For Choosing Essay Topics About Prejudice

You can take several approaches whenever you are tasked with having an essay about the subject of prejudice. Throughout history prejudice has taken many forms and exists in many situations in our current daily lives. Writing an essay on this subject is really not much different than writing on anything else that may seem controversial, but we thought it would still be helpful to come up with some general advice on how to choose a good essay topic:

  • Start by brainstorming ideas that interest you
  • The first step is to simply start brainstorming a few ideas that interest you. A great method is to look at the required and recommended readings taken from the class syllabus. This will give you some ideas for has or will be discussed in class. If you focus on material that fits within the scope of the class you can save yourself a lot of time and energy.

  • Do some preliminary research to narrow focus
  • Use your brainstorm session notes to do a little preliminary research online. Find out about the issues being discussed around prejudice and take not of some resources that might be of use to you. Generally, you should shy away from making direct references to material found online, but you can always make note of some key concepts and terminology to help you on the way.

  • Read through resource material at the library
  • Take your preliminary research notes and head down to your local library. Do a slightly more in-depth search to see what academic resources you can find and have immediate access too. You can always hunt down material through inter-library loan but you should always consider how much time you have to complete your assignment.

  • Draft several thesis statements to consider
  • After reading through some academic source material you should be able to effectively draft two or three thesis statements from which to focus. You don’t have to get the words right at this stage, but it would help to be as clear as possible. If your statements are too complex consider different ways to make them more concise. Choose your best and most manageable idea to write about.

  • Be sure your topic idea is direct and focused
  • Finally, you should a single idea for your essay and need to work on it a bit more to ensure that it is direct and clear. Ask yourself a few questions when looking over your thesis statement. Does it have a clear subject? Does it present an original argument that can be proven and disproven? These should help you bring in the lens which will make for a better written assignment.