Acquired Pneumonia

Pneumonia is an issue in the lungs that causes pain and breathing problems. Pneumonia has different causes, and bacteria and viruses in the air that is breathed in cause some pneumonia. It is possible that there are bacteria and viruses in air that get into the lungs and can cause problems with the immune system. There are different types of pneumonia, and they are classified by the way that the pneumonia is contracted.

Community-acquired pneumonia is a very common pneumonia. It occurs from various different organisms. Bacteria are a community-acquired pneumonia that can occur after a person has contracted a cold or a respiratory flu. This is also called lobar pneumonia and it generally affects one side of the lung. Other organisms that are bacteria like are typically producing milder symptoms and this type of pneumonia is sometimes called “walking pneumonia.” This “walking pneumonia” is titled as such because the pneumonia is not serious enough to require bed rest. Viruses also cause pneumonia, and viruses are especially a common cause in children under two years of age. Influenza viruses and other SARS viruses can also cause this. Fungi can also cause pneumonia because it can be found in soil and in bird poop. This is most common in people who have other health problems and have compromised immune systems to begin with. In addition to community-acquired pneumonia, there is also hospital-acquired pneumonia. This is a bacterial infection that generally occurs within 48 hours of a person being hospitalized for a different reason. Health-care acquired pneumonia is a bacterial infection that often occurs in people who are in long-term facilities.

All of these different types of pneumonia are different versions of acquired pneumonia. It is important that people be treated for pneumonia and that they get proper medical care, as pneumonia can be very serious and even deadly. Pneumonia is especially dangerous in small children and in children under two years of age. It is important that people who have pneumonia or think they have pneumonia to get medical attention and to seek medical assistance. Pneumonia is a very serious condition that is contracted in many different ways, including community-acquired pneumonia, hospital acquired pneumonia and health care acquired pneumonia. It is important that people who are ill seek out immediate medical attention because pneumonia will not always clear without proper rest and attention. Pneumonia can be deadly if it is not treated.