Essay on Heart of Darkness

Writing an essay on the Heart of Darkness may have various elements the writer should review such as setting, plot and main idea of the story. There may be questions you work to answer about it or you may work toward proving a point based on evidence within the text. A well written essay on this matter may include explanations on how the author of the novel used different meanings to give the plot more significance. Depending on personal views of the novel, some may think the author wanted to focus on choices and life views, but with spiritual, ethical and moral strengths.

Heart of Darkness may provide further insight on what the author, Joseph Conrad, viewed life as being. An essay assignment of this nature can be challenging when you are trying to avoid writing about the context as a summary. An essay written on content of this nature may force the writer to write about the subject matter in a way that will make others think about related concepts of the story, whether they are fiction or non-fiction. In this case, the story has evidence of being centered in a hostile environment.

Your essay may talk about how the author was creative with his words in relation to different parts of the plot, ending, setting, point of view from a narrative standpoint, tone and other aspects. You may mention how certain concepts throughout the story came across to you as a reader while providing further insight on why you think the writer choose to include this particular concept. Others may compare Conrad’s writing abilities to other novels he has written to help prove their point about the work was constructed. There is imagery in this story that helps readers understand various images and feelings expressed by the writer as dreams are mentioned in the storyline.

Overall, this novel incorporated a number of true life concepts with stylistic techniques to provide more insight about the world we live in and how the author sees it. Other characters mentioned throughout the storyline may provide additional ideas for essay content depending on your level of interest. There may be quotes mentioned that give certain images of what things were like for his characters and how there is a level of influence from dreams reencounter. Others felt the novel is an interest form or entertainment and will write about this element alone.