Inventing Original Compare And Contrast Essay Topics

One of the most common types of research papers that you will work on when you get to an advanced level of learning is the compare and contrast essay. This is actually a really common research paper niche in the learning environment. Teachers love to ask students to write such papers because in the long run the students are able to develop their skills, learn more about drawing comparisons and most importantly showcase their analytical capabilities.

There are a lot of things that you can come to learn about writing original topics when given such a paper. What matters most however is for you to actually take your time to focus on the core concept that you need to portray in the course of the comparison. It is the way you bring out the features of these subjects under analysis that will earn you more marks.

We have seen students in the past who just go on to list down some of the features that differentiate two characters when they are working on such an essay. That is just but a tip of the iceberg. You need to delve deeper. You need to show how the features you are listing are important to one subject and relative to the other. This is how the comparisons are normally done.

To help you learn how to invent original compare and contrast essay topics, the following are some of the important things that you need to consider:

  1. Choose subjects that you can understand
  2. Keep the subject manageable
  3. Ask your teacher for more tips
  • Choose subjects that you can understand
  • Your understanding of the subject at hand is one thing that must surely guide your work. Do not go on to choose a title just because it is fancy. Make sure that you can draw inferences, similarities and differences from the features of the subjects that make up your title.

  • Keep the subject manageable
  • The concept here is that you do not get to choose a topic that is either too narrow or too wide for you to cover appropriately. In the event that your topic is either too wide or narrow, it will be irrelevant and your efforts will be futile.

  • Ask your teacher for more tips
  • If you are ever struggling in the course of living up to this task, look no further than your teacher for help. This is the one person who can truly point you in the right direction.