Persuasive Essay Topics For High School: Global Problems

A persuasive essay is one where the writer is trying to show the reader a different way to look at a particular subject.  This doesn’t mean that the writer has to convince them that their idea is right or wrong but to show them a different sid t to the subject.  This will have the reader thinking differently about the subject and you want them to consider your idea as a valid one.

When you are talking about a global problem, it not only affects other places in the world, it affects everyone that is living on the world.  There are many problems in the world that affect all of us and choosing a topic on this subject can be hard but once you find one it is easy to find the facts about this issue.


Persuasive Essay Topics On Global Problems

  • The subject of AIDS had been in the media since the eighties but recently with the advances in medicine it hasn’t been in the news but other counties around the world still have a major issue with this disease, particularly Africa, where they can’t get the life saving drugs that they need.
  • You hear in the news all the time about climate change and global warming but most don’t understand what it really is, this topic affects the entire world.  And unlike the movie Waterworld the entire world won’t be covered in water if the ice caps all melt but the coastlines will be completely covered and you can forget about ever visiting Florida again.
  • Another good topic that affects the entire world is poverty; this doesn’t only affect other countries but the United States as well.
  • Children dying of preventive disease all over the world because they don’t have access to the vaccines they need or like in the United States, parents are opting out of giving their children vaccines because they believe that it is more harmful than good.
  • Natural disasters can strike at any time and hit just about anywhere.  This issue can be looked at in a global level into how much time it takes for each disaster to get the help them need and what is or should be in place to help victims of these disasters.
  • The human population in different countries can lead to poverty and hurt their financial growth but does the U.S. and other countries have thing in place to control this or is the world human population under control.