Possible PhD dissertation topics in computer science

The dissertation is the end all of essays. It is hands down the most important one you’ll do in your career. This reason is why many find this particular essay so difficult to tackle. It’s the stress and scope of the thing, really. It’s a paper that you’ll have to devote plenty of time to so that you’ll be recognized as a professional in the field. A good dissertation can lead to almost immediate acceptance into your field of study—in this case the computer science field--upon completing university whereas a poor, uninspired one can lead to ridicule and delayed entry into that same field.

All of this comes down to picking a topic and picking a strong subtopic and issue to take on in that area.


Here is a brief, fairly general list of starter topics for the computer science field of study. Remember that you’ll have to research deeper into these topics to find problems that you’d like for your dissertation to explore, address, and solve. Your thesis statement should address the problem and give the reader a bit of the solution whereas the rest of your dissertation will go into the problems, solution, and conclusion in greater detail.

  • Applications of computer science
  • Graphic and visual design
  • Networks
  • Databases and Retrieval
  • Software engineering
  • Data structures
  • Programming language
  • Architecture and engineering
  • Security
  • Information science
  • Coding

These are related topics in computer science that can be explored deeper. By selecting one—one of these might have even been the focus of your studies in computer science—you can narrow it down further and find problems to observe. The solution could be a new way of doing something, a quicker way of doing it, both, or how something can be applied for another use.

Just as the potential problems could be many, the solutions and possibilities are endless. Even though no one asked for a solution to problem because it doesn’t affect what they’re working on greatly or directly, you could point out how this problem could become a bigger one with time and how it could even affect another branch of computer science. Also worth considering is finding solutions to problems no one was aware existed. All of this requires a good deal of research, note taking, and general digging around.