About the Controversial Oliver Cromwell

Oliver Cromwell is a well known and somewhat controversial leader and figure in British history. He was born on April 25, 1599, in Huntingdon, England. His student years were spent at Sidney Sussex College. Later in life when he got involved in the politics of the time, Cromwell was elected to the Parliaments of 1640 where he earned a reputation as a radical Puritan. During the English Civil Wars, Cromwell actively served as a general for the parliamentarian side of the conflicts. From 1653 to 1658, he served as lord protector of England, Wales, Scotland, and Ireland. Oliver Cromwell had a long active life and political career until he died on September 3, 1659, in London. Oliver Cromwell is a very controversial individual because of his radical views and involvement during a very turbulent time in British history.

Cromwell was earned a very unique position of power in the British government largely due to the fact that he was a man of many skills. He was well versed in politics and government issues and had a strong personal foundation and focus. He had the foresight, strength of mind, and strength of will helped get parliament through the difficult times of the war and helped them survive the crucial trial and execution of King Charles I. His wit and planning also aided them through the turbulent and messy political aftermath of the executions. He was also a very talented military leader.

Shortly after he joined the army in 1642, he was put in charge of the 'Horse' of the cavalry of the Parliamentary Army. This had a huge impact on the Parliamentary success in during the first civil war from1642-1646. He was also very influential in the creation and implementation of the 'New Model' Army - a new and strong army model and battle format that helped lead the preliminary side to many victories such as the one at the Battle of Naseby in 1645. By the end of the war, Cromwell had become the Lord General of the Parliamentarian army. It is this strong military poise that helped him earn a reputation as a fighter and a patriot but also as a zealot and traitor to many of the causes some of his fellow Brits held in deep regard.

Cromwell is known as a brilliant military strategist and leader but he is also seen as a very controversial figure. He was hated by many of his country men who were royalists because of the part he played in having Charles I tried, convicted, and executed. He was also unpopular among some of his own parliamentary brothers who say his emphasis on battle and military involvement as a form of tyranny. However one views the late great Oliver Cromwell, it cannot be denied that he was a brilliant man with a mind for military and political events.