English Essay Examples Can be Very helpful

In the life of every student at one time or another they will have to write an essay. It might be for a college admission application or it might be an assignment that one has to write. A number of people have asked themselves whether it is logical to look at samples of essays that have been written by others in order for one to write their own essay. Many arguments have been forwarded regarding this discussion. Some opponents of this method say that it is just similar to plagiarism since a student lifts ideas from essays written by others. While those for it argue that this makes a person to be a good writer, which enables the student to excel in their objectives. The truth however is that by going through the sample before writing an essay a person is able to gain much.

  • Since the essays are written by experts, they often contian correct knowledge that is written in an accurate manner. The student is therefore able to avoid making mistakes in their essay since they know what is expected of them. The student will be able to write the using using the right format, tone and structure. This would help the student’s overall score.
  • A person will be able to know what events to highlight on while writting the essay. Students are often tempted to include all the events and experience that they have gone through. At times they may put more emphasis on a particular experience and just lightly mention the others. However not all that information is necessary. Infact some might be counter productive and work against the student’s objective. By going through an English essay a student can learn how to say much using a few words.
  • Many times students often know what to write but the problem is how to write it. By going through samples a person is able to get a good idea of how to write and what they intend to say. The sapmles provide a person with a blueprint of their own essay.
  • By going through several essays a student gets to read from diferent writers, getting a varriety of ideas. The student is therefore able to implement the several ideas into their own essay.This makes the student to become more creative. By looking at the way the other writters have expressed themselves, a student can get ideas of how to organize his or her thoughts in a better way. Thereby producing an informative and interesting piece.