Writing Book Reviews: Consulting Additional Sources

If you are a bookworm then the chances are that you would be happy to write book reviews and tell just what you thought of the world contained between the pages. You could possibly influence more people to read the book or warn them not to waste their time. If your book reviews are good then you could possibly even be paid to write them! How awesome would that be?

Anyway, that is what we are talking about today. You will get a few tips and tricks to writing them.

  1. Very important!!!! Read the book. You cannot write a decent book review by simply reading the excerpt on the back. You must read the book from start to finish and not just the first and last chapters.
  2. While you area reading jot down little notes about things that happen in the book. It could be something that made you laugh or cry, main characters or even locations and settings.
  3. When you finish reading the book do not write your review right away. Books can tend to make us emotional and your emotions need to relax a bit before you write the review.
  4. After a few hours or the next day you can write your book review. You can write whatever you like as long as it is honest and does not give away the ending or any plot twists. No spoilers!
  5. Check around to see if there are any other reviews that have been written for the book. If there have make a note of what they said and who they were by.
  6. In the last part of your book review you can say something like “According to JBL this book was a travesty and a waste of his time. I however found the book to be funny and engaging and would read it again.” You can also make remarks with reviews that fit right along with yours. Always be sure that if you do this you tell who and where the review is coming from. It is always necessary to do that when you are using outside sources no matter if it is for a book review or a term paper.

That’s it. That is how to write a book review. Once you have it written and you have proofread it then you can turn it in. Be wary though, this is not for thin skinned people. Others will disagree with you and be vicious about it.