10 Interesting Topic Ideas for Argumentative Essays

An argumentative essay is one that takes a controversial topic or one that has many different opinions on it and makes you choose one side and prove it. It is a great way to practice you debating skills. The idea is to prove your point without just giving your opinion. A persuasive essay is very similar. The only difference is that in a persuasive essay, you are giving your opinion and trying to get your audience to believe it.

An argumentative essay will also require the use of an additional paragraph that states the opposing view. It will then also show evidence or facts that may make the opposing view less credible. So, in order to write a good argumentative essay, you want to have an interesting topic to write about.

Here are ten interesting ideas.

  1. Should a women be allowed to have an abortion if she was raped?
  2. Should school uniforms be used in school to stop bullying of less fortunate students?
  3. Should we clone animals?
  4. Should we kill animals for their fur just for a fashion statement?
  5. Should pro athletes be paid more than doctors?
  6. Should doctor assisted suicides be legalized?
  7. Should there be better controls on who can purchase guns?
  8. Should there be a universal health care program like in other countries?
  9. Should mothers and fathers have to take parenting classes before having kids?
  10. Should we test vaccines on animals?

These topics are great for an argumentative topic because they are controversial. Controversial issues work great because there are lots of supporting evidence for both sides. There are many people that agree with the issue and many that don’t. They work perfectly because you will have evidence to support whichever side you choose.

So when writing an argumentative essay, be sure to use the correct formatting. This type of essay is just like a five paragraph essay except you will add an additional paragraph after the last body paragraph that states the opposing view and why you can’t agree with it. This will go right before you conclusion.

These interesting topics are sure to make a point. The whole idea is to get your audience thinking and when you choose an interesting topic to write about, you do just that. So pick one of these or use these to brainstorm your own.