Exploratory essay writing help: selecting your strategy

An exploratory essay is one where you start writing without knowing what you feel about the subject. In this way, you’re more learning as you write and research the topic, rather than researching it so that you can prove a point with your writing. Because of this format, students who rely on outlines and examples to help them will be out of their comfort zone. Here are some tips on what makes an exploratory essay different from other essays:

  • This type of essay is written to come to a conclusion, not prove something
  • You start without knowing what the answer or outcome will be in the end
  • These essays consider the pros and cons of situations to an issue
  • It focuses on a question instead of a thesis
  • This essay will chronicle your work and research with your thoughts on the subject along with it
  • One way to write an exploratory essay is “in-process” or as your research
  • Another way to write this kind of essay is known as “retrospective” where you do some research ahead of time and then reflect back onto what you didn’t know and what you know now

Writing an Exploratory Essay

Since this type of essay is more for your benefit as the writer, than for educating a reader about a topic, you can make it as personal and biased, as you like. In fact, that’s probably a requirement on your teacher’s instructions, because each exploratory essay is supposed to be reliant upon the researcher and their findings based on past experience and interests. Make sure you look at your teacher’s requirements when you’re writing so that you get marks for the right parts of your essay.

Talk to your professor or teacher if you ever aren’t sure of something. Since she will be the one to mark your essay, she can tell you exactly what she expects and what will be worth the most of your grade. Your teacher is there to help you, so don’t be afraid to ask. Exploratory essays can be a little confusing for students who have never written one before, or even heard of them. It isn’t unusual for students to struggle with essay writing in general, but with these tips above, now you know what make a good exploratory essay and the parts that you should be focusing on. Take the time to feel comfortable before you start and it’ll show in your essay.