Automatic essay writer – is it useful?

We all wish that some problems in our lives would just go away or that we could have someone do our work for us. However, we all know that success takes hard work and practice and we know that a lot of times completing tasks which we are not happy about can be a major struggle. However, this does not mean that the shortcuts which we come across are always the best option for us. They may relieve some stress in the moment but it is likely that any shortcuts you take will lead to consequences in the future. These consequences may be small, but they also have the potential to be disastrous.

Something that a lot of people would love to have is a program which will write an essay for you. There are a lot of different sites which boast that they will create an essay instantaneously on any topic you desire. I have gone to a few of these sites to test out what they can do. I must admit that these sites are impressive, but there are a lot of issues with them if you are trying to actually pass off these essays as your own work.

  • Subject/verb agreement
    • This happens most often because of a plural word being entered as the topic
  • Broad statements
    • There is no information backing up the claims>/li>
    • No supporting evidence
  • The entire essay is full of fluff
    • There is no specific information provided
    • Topics jump around haphazardly

Essentially, your essay will just be an assortment of preloaded phrases put into a different order each time. Your topic is inserted in the space that has been left blank for whatever topic you suggest.

Is There Something Else that Will Help?

Instead of using one of these essay generators where you only put a topic in, you might want to try using a program which will help you organize your ideas. There are some sites which will help you to create an outline for your paper. This is an important step and you can trust a computer to do this because grammatical errors like subject/verb agreement do not matter. You will not be turning in your outline as a finished product so you will have a chance to correct any potential errors. Some shortcuts will help you out, but don’t expect any miracles to get your paper done!