Hints For Creating An Essay Graphic Organizer In High School

Graphic organizers are very useful for students at present since these serve as guide for them when it comes to composing visual representations of concepts, ideas and facts of a given school project. In the same way, these are regarded as very helpful classroom tools that make learning and teaching easier and a lot more fun.

How useful graphic organizers are?

Through the aid of essay graphic organizers, teachers can assist their students to effectively and easily categorize ideas and be able to effectively communicate them. These are especially beneficial in terms of structuring writing projects, they are great tools in decision making, problem solving, brainstorming, planning research as well as studying.

To boot, graphic organizers are quite useful in a lot of ways. For a fact, these are used for creative, descriptive, narrative and expository writing. They are especially designed to help students in all stages of reading and writing. Additionally, one of the most famous one is Story Map that is made of different formats- these are intended to help students have deeper understanding of the story’s themes, sequence of events, plot structure and character traits.

Creating an essay graphic organizer in high school greatly aids students to conceptualize and come up with a plan in the prewriting phase. Needless to say, this shall assist them to improve as writers as they work toward the accomplishment of their writing project. These are especially designed to assist young writers of today as they compose a paragraph, identify solutions and compare and contrast.

Countless of teachers use graphic organizers to teach their students with a lot of things such as organizing problems and coming up with solutions, cause and effect, linking data to main themes as well as ideas, note taking, organizational skills, comparing and contrasting concepts, sequencing and even in enhancing vocabulary knowledge.

What should you take in mind when creating a graphic organizer for writing?

As always, it is highly advised to keep it simple as possible by means of:

  • Limiting the number of concepts/ideas that shall be covered in each graphic organizer. It is fundamental to concentrate only on valuable concepts that students have to remember and have deeper understanding of.
  • It matters to include clear arrows as well as labels that could considerably aid figure out the connections between concepts.
  • Be discreet of graphic organizers that come along with resource materials of teachers. These many a time come with numerous background visuals and picture that are quite distracting to students.