Go Ask Alice Book report

“Go Ask Alice” is a book that narrates the story of a fifteen-year-old teenager who starts writing a diary. Through observation, Alice records the challenges she faces as a teenager, and some of the things she is concerned about include: what Rodger, the boy she has a crush on thinks of her; she also complains about gaining weight; she expresses the challenge she faces in relating with her parents; and she acknowledges that she feels uncomfortable at school. Alice is somehow happy when she learns that her father, who is a college professor, has accepted a job in a different town, and they will have to move.

Relocating to a different town makes her family members uncomfortable. Alice is also not spared as she feels as an outsider in her new school. During summer, Alice went to stay with her grandparents where she meets her old friend Jill. She is invited to a party by Jill, and for the first time, Alice experiment with drugs by taking LSD, and experiencing the euphoria associated with it. She proceeds to experiment with other drugs, and she ends up losing her virginity while high on acid. Alice’s parents and her crush Roger visited her grandmother unannounced because Alice’s grandmother had suffered from a minor heart attack. Alice is exited to see Rodger, but still feel guilty about losing her virginity and experimenting with drugs.

Alice is deeply troubled because she is worried that she might be pregnant; and her worries are father aggravated by the fact that she is confused about whom to talk to about her drug use. When in a boutique, Alice meets a new friend called Chris, who appears to be fun loving. Soon Alice blends with her friend, and they start having fun by using drugs, which makes them popular at school. However, Alice’s new behavior and appearance worries her parents. Alice continues with her deviant life style and she even starts taking other drugs like marijuana, which she did not do before.

The story of Alice is a representation of the challenges teenagers especially girls face in western societies. The main challenges brought out in the story are drug abuse and teenage pregnancy. From the story, one can also deduce that young girls may fall into the trap of drug abuse and early pregnancies due to lack of parental guidance. Alice’s parents are busy and have not time to spend with their daughter. During summer, when schools are closed, instead of Alice parents staying with her, they choose to send her to her grandmother. This robbed them of the valuable time they could have used to counsel their daughter.