Great Places Where You Can Find A Well-Written Example Of An Essay

The first thing you want to do when you are looking for examples for your essay, you want to search for the type of essay your are writing first, like descriptive, narrative, argumentative, persuasive, reflective, factual, or directed writing.  This will help you pick the right example for the right kind of essay you are writing.  These examples are posted online to help others write a better essay and they should help you do that too.  These are not there to be copy and pasted but to show you the ins and outs of writing a certain essay.

Where To Find Well-Written Examples

  • Malaysia students might sound like a foreign site but it is not, is has a list of essay examples that are broken up into different essay that you can use for examples.  This site makes it easy to find examples for a specific type of essay.
  • Essays dot org dot UK has essay examples for art history, classical studies, English, political science, and psychology.  Once you click on the categories, you can get essays written on those subjects.  They are well-written and great examples to use.
  • Essay Depot has almost twenty four hundred essays on file that you can use for a reference.  They are broken up in to categories, art, English, history, science, social issues, and miscellaneous.  With a huge selection should be able to find some examples of essays for your assignment.
  • Test Magic is also a good site to find examples of essays.  They don’t have a huge selection but their essays are well-written examples that are good to use.
  • If you want the best examples for your essay, I would go to your local library or school library and check out a book or two on how to write an essay.  The will tell you how to write it and then give you examples in the book that you can use as a reference.
  • Anti Essay is one of the biggest example essay site that I have found.  They have almost a half a million essays that you can choose from and like other sites they do have categories for different topics, like music and arts, economics and business, college personal essays, English, history, psychology, technology and science, Shakespeare, social concerns, and miscellaneous.  Each one of these categories has over fifty thousand examples in each one.  And if you use the search on the website, they will probably have the topic that your essay is on.