Why You Should Not Trust an Online Essay Writing Service

Online essay writing services are big business, and there’s little question as to why. For students that can afford to pay, the temptation to purchase an assignment in exchange for some extra time to party is a strong one. Aside from the ethical and moral implications of buying one’s schoolwork, there are other issues that come along with cheating in this manner. Here are some of the top reasons you shouldn’t trust an online essay writing service.

Outright Scams

Some so-called essay writing services are simply scams to get a credit card number, make off with your payment, or otherwise financially inconvenience you with zero intention of giving you anything in return. There’s a reason many of these services operate online. It’s extremely simple and cheap to set up a seemingly legitimate website, accept payments, and then be gone without a trace the next day. Add in some creative computing to steal credit card numbers, and these “services” are just tech savvy criminals.

Essay Mills

So the service promises a custom-written essay—but will they deliver? Many don’t, and that’s seriously bad news for today’s students. You may wonder why it matters; if you’re ordering a paper from a far-flung service and they send you a plagiarized work, what are the chances your instructor would find out?

Actually, there’s an incredibly good chance they’ll find out, thanks to the robust plagiarism detection software in use by nearly every educational institution today. These programs are far more sophisticated than most students realize, checking a submitted paper against billions of other documents online and submitted to schools around the world.

Poor Quality

Even those services that deliver an essay, and actually deliver a unique, custom written piece may land you in hot water. That’s because the essay you receive could be of considerably lower quality than what was promised or expected. You’ll also have to count on the service to follow your instructions on formatting, citations, and even the deadline, and if they fall short, who can you complain to? It’s not as if you can explain to your instructor that the essay is late because the service you paid to write it hasn’t come through with the goods.

A Better Idea

You can fail without cheating, and without wasting money; doing nothing at all is literally still a better idea than using an online service. Or, even better—take the time to write an A+ essay yourself!