Technology Of The 1930s And 1940s

Technology can be an absolutely amazing thing for everybody out there but sometimes, people tend to forget the fact that things have not always been so easy to handle as they are today. Yet still, some of them exaggerate when it comes to the beginning of the development of modern technology and place it much later than it actually happened. For instance, some of the people out there would not even know how well-advanced technology during the period surrounding the Second World War has been.

The computer used so much nowadays and to which most of the people have grown almost addicted to can be considered to be one of the inventions that traces its roots back to the 1940s. It may be difficult for the nowadays computer user to recognize what people back then invented under the same name, but the truth is that without those timid beginnings, the world today would have looked completely different. The first digital computer ever was invented in 1942 and its main use was to calculate linear equations. Later on, the army used one such computer (which weighed 30 tons) to calculate ballistic trajectories and 5 years later the first modern-like type of computer appeared (and it stored both data and programs as well).

Furthermore, the colored TV reached people’s homes quite late, but the truth about its first appearance is that it is also related to the 1940s. For that time, the biggest concern the inventors of the colored television had was that they try to use as little bandwidth as possible. Soon enough, the colored TV was developed and it started to evolve up to what we all know today.

Going even farther back in time, the 1930s also brought the world with famous inventions that would literally change the way everybody lives. The cinema had existed previously as well, but this decade defined cinema as everybody knows it today. Even more, advances were made in the field of radio and intercontinental aviation as well, which can be considered to be a huge leap forward for the world of technology as well.

It may seem amazing nowadays how it is that people with so limited technological resources managed to bring to

Earth some of the greatest inventions ever made by the human being (and which are constantly developed nowadays as well). Those first very small steps really did make the difference and they really did set the grounds for a completely new world.