How To Write A Cause And Effect Essay On Immigration

Immigration is a common process in a globalized world. Obviously, immigration might cause both positive and negative effects on countries. This makes immigration an interesting topic for a cause and effect essay. This is an academic paper that teaches students build logical chains and connect effects with their causes. You may read this article if you want to learn how to compose a good cause and effect paper on immigration.

  1. Research your topic.
  2. Immigration is a broad topic that needs to be researched thoroughly. Additionally, you should investigate your topic in details to raise decent arguments in your paper. You should learn about various consequences of immigration and represent them clearly in your essay.

  3. Choose a structure of your paper.
  4. Cause and effect papers might be written in different ways. Sometimes students write about a few causes that lead to a single effect. In your case you have only one cause which is immigration. You should choose whether you’ll write about various effects of immigration or will focus your attention only on a one.

  5. Compose your thesis.
  6. You’ll need to write a thesis for your paper, a sentence that resembles the contents of your whole work. It should be direct and understandable. All your arguments should be linked to your thesis. You may consult your teacher on this matter to compose a strong statement.

  7. Write the introduction for your essay.
  8. Present your topic and grab your reader’s attention in the introduction. Briefly write about immigration and indicate its main features. State that your topic is important and should be investigated. Your thesis should be put at the end of your introduction. This will help you make a good transition to the body.

  9. Write the body paragraphs.
  10. This section is the main part of your paper. Start the body with detailed background information about immigration. This will help your readers gain a proper level of understanding. Then you should write about the effects that immigration causes. If you focus on negative effects, you should propose some ways to avoid or prevent these effects. Explain to your readers how exactly immigration causes one effect or another. Your logical chains should be supported by strong evidence.

  11. Write the concluding section.
  12. In the conclusion you should sum up the main ideas of your essay. Discuss your arguments and indicate why this topic should be investigated further. Propose the ways for other students to research the effects of immigration.

    Don’t forget to check your work for mistakes and awkward phrasing.