A List Of Shocking Essay Topics On Teenage Pregnancy

Whether you are studying any of the social sciences, nursing, or range of other subjects, you may be required to prepare an essay based on a topic related to teenage pregnancy. If you’re looking for shocking essay topics on this theme then you may be struggling to think of a good title. To assist you in creating a title that you’d be happy and comfortable writing about the following provides some advice in that area.

Shocking doesn’t need to mean controversial or insulting

Firstly, it is worth noting that shocking doesn’t necessarily mean controversial or insulting. Therefore, there is no need to write an essay that will perhaps insult some sections of society or, alternatively, will be deemed inappropriate. Instead, it is possible to come up with essays that are shocking merely due to the surprising facts you present.

Read about things that are going on in the news

A great way of coming up with topics on the subject of teenage pregnancy is to read what has been written and talked about on the news. For example, many newspapers will run stories about pregnancy levels within the country or around the world.

It may be the case that you find an interesting story that you would like to investigate further, particularly if you doubt the validity of the story as it has been presented - some tabloid newspapers can write shocking stories in order to sell more copies, without necessarily being too interested in the truth.

If you do not have time to keep an eye on what is going on in the news the new may wish to consider the possibility of using one of the topic that is listed below.

  • Which country has the youngest teenage pregnancy rates?
  • What is the abortion rate of teen pregnancies in the United States?
  • How do teenage bodies cope with pregnancy?
  • Are babies born to teenage mothers any more likely to develop medical problems when compared to babies born to parents in their twenties or older?
  • Which state has the highest teenage pregnancy rate?
  • How closely linked is teenage pregnancy with lower standards of living and low wages?
  • How do different religions view teenage pregnancy?
  • How were teenage mothers treated a century ago?
  • Should babies born to teenage mothers be taken into care?
  • How many babies born of teenage mothers were conceived as a result of rape?