Apple Versus Samsung

Whether you are an Apple fan or a Samsung fan depends on several variables. Both are probably best for different people. Considerations in determining which is best for you will depend on your cost, desired style of usage, and formatting.

Cost is an important factor is determining which phone you use. As a rule Samsung phones are about 20% less than Apple phones at this time. This cost, however, can be influenced by your provider and their offerings for you when you are ready for a device upgrade.

Everything in my office is Apple, so everything in my home is Apple. This matters to me. I have learned how to use Apple products and like the continuity between home and work. I also like the different applications that are compatible with my phone. I do not have two sets of instructions for two different types of operating systems. I have also synched my work Ipad with my personal phone. What you are sued to is often what you buy.

Samsung has bigger and brighter tiles. The tiles are easy to move and easy to see. This is important to people with vision problems. Samsung has also created a plethora of applications and upgrades, which make it equal to Apple in formatting and bells and whistles. It seems like a person is either a Samsung or an Apple person and those people tend to stick to those brands. I am a creature of habit, and way too busy to learn a new system, but I have looked at Samsung carefully in the past. While Apple may have been leaps and bounds ahead of Samsung in the past, the two seem to be quite equal these days. Also consider how important the Windows platform is to you. I could live without it, but I have friends who buy Samsung because they must have it.

Whether Samsung or Apple is a better device is very much a personal call. Some people buy their phone simply on the physical appearance, and if that is what matters to you, then that is fine. It is a very personal decision. You should explore costs, ease of use, and desired formatting when deciding which brand to purchase. The brand that works best for you is then the best brand to you. Picking between Apple and Samsung is all relative to a person’s wants and desires.