Bang, Bang You're Dead

Bang, bang you’re dead is a very thought provoking movie and is quite well executed and applicable. The movie is based on a very sensitive issue and draws our attention towards the darker aspect of school environment. It is completely different from high school movies and novels. The film revolves around the concept that school life and environment have a great effect of the young brain of students and can shape the rest of their lives. And in worst conditions the hardships faced in the school environment may lead to life loss.

The main character of the movie is a young boy Trevor, who is the victim of bullying at his school and suffers greatly because of his very own peers and fellows. The movie is way subjective and during the whole time the viewer has no difficulty in understanding Trevor’s situation. The director has executed everything as it were happening right then, like most of the fiction movies this one doesn’t let the viewer wander away. The boy gets to play a serial killer’s role in a play. The play is named “bang, bang, you’re dead” and presents the boy as an evil character. The young boy is shown to have a very reserved personality and even his parents do not understand his problems. Everybody in the area thinks of him as a dull boy. All these elements when combined give a new turn to the story.

All the characters in the movie are alive and real life like. None of them is a villain or a hero like a typical fiction movie. Every character is justified at their own place, be it the fellow students who choose Trevor as a victim of bullying or his parents who lack proper guidance in bringing up their kid. The movie is a treat to watch and grabs the viewer’s attention since very beginning. The issue that has been addressed is itself a critical one. With the bullying reports and complaints raising in various schools around the globe it is an important time to think over the matter seriously.

The movie is a very thoughtful and profound that covers the issue of bullying, violence, effect of perceived personality and school environment. The school life may be a golden period in one’s age but it can be very critical in shaping their thoughts and personality. The movie shows the negative impacts this environment can have on innocent brains.