Coming Up With Catchy Ideas For Philosophical Essay Topics

Philosophy is an all-encompassing subject. You can literally apply its concepts and theories to every aspect of life. The next time your instructor assigns you a paper, consider using one of our catching and innovative title ideas.

  • Ideas for Your Paper
  • Consciousness vs. Consciousness
  • The Why’s and Which are Most Important
  • The Universe and the Reasons for Its Existence
  • Alternative Lifestyle Parents
  • The Soul and Does it Really Exist
  • Evolution and Natural Selection
  • God or No God
  • Heroism vs. Cowardliness
  • Self-Interest vs. Charity
  • Infinity and its Existence
  • The Meaning of Life
  • Art and how to Define it
  • Morals and are They Universal
  • Should We all Be Vegetarians
  • Abortion-and how the Debate Continues
  • The Ancient and Classic Philosophers and how they would feel about Today’s World
  • What is Philosophy? Is it All in Our Head?
  • Why Art is Subjective?
  • What is Art?
  • What Causes Us to Excel or Not
  • Does Life Really Matter?
  • What will Cause the Ultimate Destruction of Humans?
  • What Makes a Survivor? Are you born with the Qualities or can you learn them?
  • What Modern People can Learn from Dinosaurs and Cavemen
  • Serial Killers and Predicators

Keep in mind that most people are very passionate about these topics, so you want to go light on emotion and heavy on expert support. You have to always look at both sides of your topic and treat each side fairly. In addition to concerns about how you approach the topic, you writing skills and teacher instructions matter as well.

So, make sure to read all of the teacher instructions, meet all deadlines, know whether the paper will be a MLA or an APA format, and how many sources are required. You will write it in a formal style in size 12 fonts, a very plain font such as Arial, and you will double-space. If you are using APA, you will have a title page and then with MLA, you will use the correct headings. You will need to have expert and reliable support, so that these ideas are well supported. This means you will cite within the paper and have a reference page. Your teacher will tell you what style to use for the reference page. Always make all deadlines and ask questions when you do not understand any of the steps or directions. Follow all this advice for a perfect philosophical essay.