The Secret To Creating A Good Essay About A Sports Festival

The nice thing about having a topic to do with sports festivals is that you can literally choose from a large number of sports events. This helps make the writing more exciting because you’re not limited to a certain sport, a particular location or timeline. So go through some sports and accompanying festivals and choose one that appeals to you.

Begin writing your essay

  • Topic – narrow down your choice into something manageable. Do some preliminary research to see how much background material you can locate. Good sources are the backbone to every successful paper. Take down some notes as you go through the reading so you can easily reference them later and be able to find the original source easily.
  • Information – for this step you can search online, look in your school library, make a visit to your local library, look in sports magazines and read newspapers. Be selective of which sites you use online, as not all of them can be trusted to hold reputable information. Usually you can trust all .gov or .edu sites. Be selective of using .org or .com sites. There are many other domain extensions that you will appear as well
  • Thesis – make your statement or claim. It is also called a declaration of belief. Most of your essay will be supporting arguments defending this claim. It should be only one sentence long and will be placed at the end of your introduction paragraph.
  • Outline – take all your main ideas that you fleshed out in the information phase. They should be organized in a logical order. All the minor points should be organized under the main point they are related to. Write this out in point form to create your outline. The outline is a very valuable tool to use in writing your paper. Don’t skimp on this step because it will help you create a successful paper.
  • Organize – gather all the information you used to form your outline and organize it into the same order as your outline so you can refer to it during the writing of each paragraph.
  • Writing – starting with the first main idea in your outline, begin writing each paragraph. Refer to your notes or source material as often as necessary. Complete each paragraph.

Finishing Touches

It’s now time to apply the finishing touches. This includes reading through your paper and make sure it makes sense. It should have a smooth flow. Make any necessary changes, revise and then do a careful proofreading to correct any spelling, grammar or word usage errors.